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2022-10-15 11:21:09 By : Ms. Nancy Li

Elderwood Academy revisits their origins with the Hex Chest Remastered dice box. Here’s your chance to get in on their latest Kickstarter to add this high quality accessory to your gaming kit to become the envy of your gaming table!

I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a prototype model of the remastered dice box and they clearly have the process down, as what I have in hand looks like a final product. You can see the craftsmanship and love that goes into the Hex Chest Remastered. My sample has two tones of wood, an intricate inlay on the lid, and laser engraving details. The Hex Chest Remastered has a much more delicate feel and look to it than the original Hex Chest.

The Kickstarter offers six wood types and numerous customization options, with a choice of signature etched, or inlaid-wood lid art. The Hex Chest Remastered has hidden magnets for keeping it closed, and the internal layout designed to showcase seven standard-sized dice with the bee-hive layout. My prototype model did not have this to show off, but your Kickstarter reward will come with a foil-stamped real leather lining.

Other options in the Kickstarter include an oblong case allowing for up to 10 dice, custom inlaid art, and a “flat-pack” option that provides you laser cut flat packs that you assemble yourself.

They’ve been making the Hex Chest for a while with Elderwood Academy being born from the success of their original Hex Chest Kickstarter. They have since gone on to create the luxurious Spellbook gaming box and the Codex dice tower, which can hold a Scroll dice rolling tray within it when not in use. I reviewed the impressive Codex for Elderwood Academy’s successful Kickstarter for the Scroll and Codex. Often in use, you can see the Codex in the background in some of my other GeekDad posts, and now that the Scroll and Codex is shipping, I’ll be ordering a Scroll to complete my set!

The Hex Chest Remastered is a great way to pamper your favorite gaming dice, encouraging them to continue providing you favorable roles. Whether for your own dice, or as an excellent gift, hop on over to the Hex Chest Remastered Kickstarter to see all the great options. Then go check out the Spellbook as well as the  Scroll and Codex on the Elderwood Academy website. Even if you don’t buy, you deserve a chance to drool over these works of art… or, buy them all, and watch everyone else at the gaming table drool!

Disclosure: Elderwood Academy provided a Hex Chest Remastered for review.

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