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2021-12-20 08:35:23 By : Ms. Lemon Yung

Salem-Some downtown businesses plan to open late tonight for holiday shoppers.

The Salem Holiday Shopping Saturday organized by the Center for Sustainable Opportunity Development not only promotes business activities in the city center, but also showcases Salem’s interesting and interesting shops, which can provide residents and visitors with a variety of unique gifts.

Eva Slagle of the SOD Center recently visited these companies and found that many companies are open until 8 pm or later and offer special sales on weekends. Many locally owned restaurants are also open for shoppers to dine after Christmas shopping.

Merchants participating in this extended time shopping event include:

• Nature + Nurture Children's Boutique, 515 E. State St., provides books, poems, greeting cards, jewelry, some decorations and themed gift bags (T-shirts, games, puzzles) for nature research.

• Charm House Decor, located at 485 Dongzhou Street, specializes in handcrafted farmhouse style furniture, refurbished antique/vintage furniture and home decorations. All flowers and Christmas decorations can enjoy a 20% discount.

• A Touch of Gracious Living, 435 E. State St., operated by the flower shop Jennifer Brown, specializes in providing modern and traditional decorations and services for sympathy events, weddings, birthdays and anniversaries.

• Jen's Paint Cellar, a home boutique that shares space with A Touch of Gracious Living, offers paint technique courses, sit and paint art parties, handcraft, rustic, craftsman signs and other home decorations, 15% discount and 10% discount on finished furniture Paint and finishes are open from 10 am to 8 pm, please call 330-831-2594 to make an appointment.

• State Street Records, located at 417 E. State St., provides thousands of used songs from many genres, such as classic rock, metal, punk, blues, jazz, easy listening, rap, R&B, and more.

• State Street Tattoo, 405 E. State St. is an award-winning store featuring artists from all over the world, offering 25% gift card discounts for every $100, and what they call "get what you get" Christmas trees.

• Kast Iron Soda Works, 420 E. State St., Salem’s premier soda tavern, uniquely owned and operated by the family, offers a soda wall with hundreds of choices, a game room at the back, and ginger beer sampling 20% discount on all mixers, gift basket samplers, and all mixers.

•Simply Scarves.... And such, 536 E. State St., provides fashion brought from New York and Los Angeles, proudly supports local entrepreneurs and their products, and provides free gifts when purchasing.

• GC Murphy Bicycle Company, 144 N. Lundy Ave.,, provides many new and used bicycles, parts and accessories, vintage series and options to help customers with home maintenance.

• Liebe Wein, 530 E. State St., holds Sip and Build wreath making classes from 1 to 3 pm, and the Konkel brothers perform from 7 to 10 pm

• Lib's Market, 474 E. State St., a coffee shop, sells two bags of coffee for $32 and two bags of tea for $10.

• Gotham Knight, 127 Penn Ave., a comic book store offering new/expired comics, Funko pop music, horror merchandise, Pokemon cards, comics, graphic novels, offering a 20% discount on the entire store, free gift packaging and $10-20 Puzzles to grab a gift.

• Nerdy Necessities, 508 E. State St., specializes in fantasy board and card games, such as Dungeons and Dragons, Magic Gathering and Pokemon. Customers can roll 20 dice and have the opportunity to get up to 20% discount orders.

• Killy's Kauldron, 645 E. State St., a specialty store named after Killian. The owner Courtney Bosworth’s son provides homemade candles, essential oil mixtures, bath salts and frosted sugar made with local or locally sourced ingredients (as long as you have Goods), business hours are from 5:30 pm to 8 pm

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