Jason Howden to Direct Adaptation of His Comic Monsters Of Metal

2022-09-18 08:43:03 By : Ms. Kassia J

Howden will also co-write the film.

Jason Howden's comic book series Monsters of Metal is rocking its way into a film adaptation. The director and writer of Guns Akimbo will work with Llexi Leon, founder of Opus Comics and its parent company, Incendium, to adapt his comic for the big screen.

Howden started as a visual effects artist who worked on films like The Hobbit franchise and Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. He wrote and directed his first feature film, Deathgasm, in 2015, and won several awards at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival and other festivals. Howden then broke out onto the scene with Guns Akimbo, an action-comedy film that stars Daniel Radcliffe as Miles, a video-game developer that ends up in a real-life "survive or die" match, and Samara Weaving as Nix, the killer who will stop at nothing to see Miles' demise.

The director's next endeavor, Monsters of Metal, pairs the team of Howden and Leon, who both wrote the script for the adaptation. Howden described the experience of working with Leon, Opus Comics, and Incendium as "fantastic," praising the company's willingness to not water their stories down. Regarding working on the film, Howden "can't wait to sink [his] teeth into this!" Leon will serve as the film's executive producer and says, "fans of messy horror, dark comedy, and heavy metal are in for a treat."

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The Monsters of Metal comic book series is published by Opus Comics. Founded in 2021, it has over a dozen comic book series based on familiar musical IPs such as Bill and Ted: Roll the Dice, Death Dealer, and Evanescence: Echoes from the Void. Opus Comics' new addition, Monsters of Metal, is meant to be a mockumentary style cross between the films This is Spinal Tap and Monster Squad. Frankenstein's monster, nicknamed Frank, and his fellow bandmates Medusa, Jack O'Lantern, Werewolf, and the Bride (of Frankenstein), have been secretly living in Dracula's castle for a few hundred years. One day, a band rehearsal is a little too loud and wakes the scary and cranky vampire, who then kicks them out of his castle. Because of this, the band decides to go on the road and on tour. Along the way, they deal with groupies, monster hunters, and other creatures, having a spooktacular time doing so.

No official release date for the film adaptation has been announced, but the first issue of the Monsters of Metal comic book series will be released on October 19. Keep your eyes on Collider for further details.

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