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2022-09-04 03:50:22 By : Mr. Eric Supoo

Earlier this week we hung out with Dream, now let’s invite his goth sister to the table. We’re playing D&D with ‘The Sandman‘s Death.

Earlier this week we took a few minutes to figure out how to incorporate The Sandman’s Dream into our next D&D session. For many of us, the comic series has been a long-time favorite, and the idea of a big-budget, live-action show seemed like a fever dream. But season one is officially streaming on Netflix today. I don’t know about you, but I’m in the mood to celebrate. So let’s invite one of the most friendly and fun of the Endless to play. This week we’re playing D&D with…

A lot like making the Dream sheet, making a sheet for Death is borderline impossible and unfair. The main characters of The Sandman are more than gods, they’re personifications of natural inevitabilities. And aside from that, creating a character who is Death and can just say “lol you’re dead now because I’m Death,” wouldn’t be fun even if it was possible within the confines of the game’s rules. So instead we made this one similar to the previous sheet and opted for something between a watered-down version of the character and a follower. We’re aiming for the general spirit of the character as opposed to a one-for-one.

Like Dream, I wanted to make Death an elf for that long long lifespan. I chose Mark of Shadow for the charisma boost because Death is nothing if not charismatic and took a look at some classes. Cleric has both Grave and Death Domains, and at first, I thought a Death Domain Cleric might just be perfect. But a quick look through it made me realize that this was too harsh and necromancy heavy of a subclass for Death. She’s friendly and kind and wants to usher people off of this plane. Destruction and raising the dead isn’t quite her style. Grave Domain on the other hand looked much closer with Gentle Repose and Path to the Grave.

With all of that picked out, I got to rolling some dice. And for this sheet, I rolled pretty darn well. Wisdom and Charisma have to be the highest stats for Cleric, which is perfect because Sandman‘s Death is both charismatic and wise.

Death has quite a few abilities and skills that I wanted to make sure were represented with some Feats. Tough gave us access to a few more hit points because this character is supposed to be eternal and unkillable. Menacing makes give her the ability to be scary, which is a requirement. Death may be a kind individual, but many immortals have a healthy fear of her. Master of Disguise gives us a way to change how she looks whenever she wants, which is something all of the Endless are seeing doing from time to time. Eldritch Adept just felt right, and Empathic was a good nod to how approachable and easy to talk to she can be.

How would you make The Sandman‘s Death for D&D? Have you watched The Sandman yet, and if not will you be marathoning or pacing yourself? What movie, show, comic, or game should we make sheets from next time? Let us know in the comments!

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