Is the old Fortnite map returning in Chapter 3? What we know so far

2021-12-30 22:00:40 By : Ms. una feng

One thing is absolutely certain when it comes to Fortnite players: they miss the old map. Since the onset of Chapter 2, in which almost every semblance of the old map was removed, players have been wondering when it will return. This has definitely been one of the most highly anticipated moves that Fortnite may or may not ever make. At every turn, there seems to be a leak or a tease indicating the return of the old map. Even this season, there were rumors that Tilted Towers is coming back.

If epic brought back the old fortnite map, I’d get back up there in a heartbeat

Now, it seems there's some more evidence that the old map is returning. With Season 8 rapidly approaching and the alien invasion growing stronger every day, the groundwork may be laid for the return of the old map.

The Chapter 1 map was discovered to have a giant metal mainframe underneath it. This was brought to light during an unvaulting event and many people have pointed out the glaring similarities to the Mothership. The size, design and every other aspect seem to be lined up almost perfectly. What was underneath the Fortnite Chapter 1 island ended up being the Zero Point, which has been vital to the storyline of Chapter 2.

Wait a minute...The Zero Point was actually added on Google Maps recently as a "Shrine" in a desert area...and in the season 6 cinematic trailer we got a glimpse of the real world were some people were seen "praying" to the Zero Point ūü§Ē

The similarities don't end there. The purpose of going underneath the map was to break out certain weapons from the vault. Players could vote by destroying the encasing surrounding these weapons. The Mothership also holds vaulted things, but this time it's vaulted POIs. POIs from Chapter 1, to be exact. If the Chapter 1 map is returning, it seems like this is the time for it to do so.

There is a popular theory regarding these occurrences, but aside from the clear similarities, nothing is known. It's confirmed that the mothership has POIs and other things from Chapter 1 and that it looks almost identical to the underside of the old map, but aside from that, it is purely speculation. Many Fortnite players are speculating, then, that the Chapter 2 map isn't the new map and the Chapter 1 map isn't the old map. Rather, the Chapter 2 map comes before Chapter 1 and the alien invasion is what results in the Chapter 1 map.

This is certainly possible, but it would also leave some plot holes, so to speak. The original map from Chapter 1 was barren and got a lot of POIs added as the seasons passed by. If the Chapter 2 map is really the original and the mothership is bringing in places from Chapter 1, why would it have the pirate ship from the latter half of Chapter 1? Sure, this can easily be addressed if that is Epic Games' plan for Fortnite moving forward, but it doesn't quite add up.

It's unclear whether this is planned or purely coincidental. It would make sense for Epic Games to use the same animation and art for its two giant metal structures and for them to not be at all related. The developers are very particular and do things purposefully. With Season 7's end right around the corner, Fortnite players will have to wait and see.

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