Critical Role EXU Calamity: What to Expect from the Characters

2022-08-28 00:35:09 By : Mr. Alex Chen

Each of the characters in Critical Role EXU: Calamity is starting at the 14th Level. Here are some of the abilities we might expect from them.

Exandria Unlimited: Calamity has brought Critical Role and Dungeons & Dragons fans back 1000 years in Exandria's history to the cataclysmic end of the Age of Arcanum. The six characters, each of whom has their hands in a different sphere of influence in the magical floating city of Avalir, are well into their careers and capabilities as the people actually getting things done in this city.

The heroes of the Calamity, the "Ring of Brass," start this story at level 14. The party has yet to hit any significant combat well into the second episode, though skill checks and class features are used quite frequently. As this mystery unfolds about the downfall of Avalir, enormous Arcana, History, and Religion checks are used frequently to uncover the secrets of the conspiracy surrounding Vespin Chloras. Here are some of the abilities they have shown so far as well as some that can be expected to see, especially as we approach the first intense combat of the series.

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The first character introduced at the beginning of the first episode is Zerxus Ilerez (played by Luis Carazo). He is a human Paladin of an unknown oath. In a city in the Age of Arcanum, the essence of which is an absence of the need for gods, Zerxus is a Paladin to the people. A key feature of his station as First Knight is his trusted steed: Tempus, a griffin. Tempus hasn't come into use much during these first two episodes besides quickly getting Zerxus around the city, but some incredible mounted combat may be coming in the next few episodes.

Most of the other skills he has performed include classic Paladin abilities like Divine Sense and Lay on Hands, as well as spells like Ceremony and Cure Wounds. These abilities have helped him quite a bit when dealing with fiendish presences around the city of Avalir. At the 14th level, Zerxus can prepare 12 spells. He has access to one 4th level spell slot, which may be used with spells like Banishment or Locate Creature, either of which could help tremendously in this campaign.

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Loquatius (played by Sam Riegel) and Nydas Okiro (Lou Wilson) both are multiclass Bards. Loquatius is a Changeling Bard/Warlock. Based on Loquatius' personality and profession, the College of Eloquence may be a fitting subclass. If this is the case, he is bound to perform many consistently successful deception and persuasion checks, allowing him to hide whatever mysterious secrets he seems to have. As a Warlock, Loquatius looks to have the Pact of the Talisman with the Protection of the Talisman feature, granting him an extra d4 on a failed saving throw.

Nydas Okiro is a Bard and Draconic Bloodline Sorcerer. Much of what has been seen from Nydas is his incredible deception skill. Hopefully, many more massive damage spells associated with his draconic bloodline will figure prominently, as well as some hints of his Bardic skills. Two Bards mean double the Bardic Inspiration, so consistently high skill checks and attack rolls are to be expected, especially going into the first major combat of the series.

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The Ring of Brass has two powerful Bards, but more importantly, two very powerful Wizards. Laerryn (played by Aabria Iyengar) is a 14th-level wizard, possibly of the Conjuration subclass with a focus on conjuring constructs. It seems she is always eager to set her constructs between herself and any dangers, and at the 14th level, each of these gains an extra 30 hit points. Hopefully, there will be more summoning abilities on display, as well as a few more fireballs from Laerryn.

The other powerful Wizard is Patia Por'co (played by Marisha Ray), granddaughter of the founding Wizard of Avalir. She has already performed great acts, such as her telepathic bond, detect thoughts and counterspell. Patia is an Order of Scribes Wizard and has made great use of her hovering orb as her awakened spellbook and advantage on arcana checks to recall magical lore. With both powerful Wizards, fans can expect some massively powerful spells, such as Plane Shift or Reverse Gravity.

Cerrit (played by Travis Willingham) is a character who has the chance to use many of his subclass abilities so far. He is an eisfuura, a type of bird person in Exandria, and an Inquisitive Rogue. Cerrit is an extremely skilled detective with a sharp eye for detail and the ability to easily sniff out lies. These abilities have helped on many occasions throughout this series to take down invisible creatures and uncover well-hidden clues. In the combat at the beginning of the next episode, hopefully he will use his insightful skills to bring calculated, massive damage to their enemies.

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