8 Things That Make No Sense In Disney Dreamlight Valley

2022-10-02 18:16:14 By : Mr. Wekin Cai

In a world mish-mashed with all your favorite Disney characters, some things are bound to be a little... strange.

Games are made to be played, but they aren’t necessarily made so that everything will make perfect sense. It’s a medium like any other primarily visual form where some things will take a little mental gymnastics. Of course, we know these things don’t make sense in the real world—games have the advantage of this—but they are fun to explore.

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In Disney Dreamlight Valley, there happens to be a whole cluster of these nonsensical pieces that come and go as you progress. They may not make total sense, but they improve the experience's enjoyability.

It’s undoubtedly heartwarming knowing everyone is down for moving to your valley with little to no persuasion, but it does bring up the question of why everyone is ready to leave their lives behind to come and live in a stranger’s half-baked home.

Just imagine someone you’ve never met before coming through a magical door to your homeplace and asking you to come to live in their valley no one has ever heard of before. It’s a little strange, definitely suspicious, and a dangerous situation just waiting to happen.

The Dreamlight economy sucks. It makes no discernible sense. Where does all the money come from? Why are most of what you make hiding in the night thorns or in mysterious chests that periodically appear around the valley? It sure seems like a weird magical pyramid scheme helmed by Scrooge McDuck himself. Which would make a lot of sense since he’s likely hiding something with how much profit he makes in a day, let alone a year.

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Collecting star coins from almost anywhere is practical, so we won’t complain too much, but there probably should be an investigation into how everything works.

What makes the endless fish even more unbelievable is how Goofy spends all his free time fishing. Seriously, if you’re wandering around the valley, doing some harvesting, and seeing how things are progressing, chances are you’ll find Goofy doing his fishing animation around any of the available water spots.

By the time you get around to fishing, it's a wonder there are any left to catch, especially with Goofy peering over your shoulder every five seconds. Is he worried you’ll catch something he couldn’t? Who knows. But it seems someone never got the personal space memo.

Early bedtimes are something a few players have brought up issues with as not everyone can play games simultaneously. Some have to fit it into a tight work schedule, usually placing their gaming time into the late evening before they head to bed. In this case, you’re likely to be stuck on Mickey quests.

You see, Mickey has a thing for going to bed at a reasonable time, and once he’s sleeping, you won’t be able to interact with him until the following morning. Dreamlight tracks real-world time, which can cause quite a problem if your only downtime is at night.

If you thought deadly water was a thing of the past, along with tank controls and stilted dialogue (looking at you, Resident Evil), you thought wrong. The water of Dreamlight Valley is dangerous. So dangerous that you can barely walk three steps into a water source without an invisible wall.

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The prominent place you’ll notice this is during the first Ursula and Moana quests which are both heavy on the water. For two characters so in tune with the ocean, you’d think there would be some deep sea adventures, but no dice.

This could be a “totally makes no sense” entry on any home design-fuelled game because where does all the unused furniture get stuffed away? There are hundreds of furniture items to unlock, not to mention you can buy a majority of them from Scrooge’s store so you can have multiple of the same item.

A coffee table, a few chairs, a rug, and a sofa would be tricky enough to secure a decent storage placement. Though add onto that windows, stoves, lights, decorations, plants, and everything else you can think of, and you’ve got one challenging day of house rearranging ahead of you.

Collecting wood in Dreamlight Valley is simply different from how it works in other games. Rather than swinging your axe at a tree and collecting the wood, you’ll pick up wood that’s already on the floor. And this wood is everywhere. There are two types: softwood and hardwood, and you can discern which is which through the color and size of the branches. Softwood is paler and thinner, whereas hardwood is a thicker and darker brown.

While it is increasingly helpful that both types are easy to find, it doesn’t make much sense that this wood is so nicely placed around the valley. Maybe it was Goofy’s doing.

Trust comes easy in Dreamlight Valley, even down to villains like Ursula and Mother Gothel, who instantly trust you enough to help them out with the task at hand. You’ll gain the trust of everyone during their initial introduction to you.

Like the first meeting with Goofy where you, a stranger, walk into his house uninvited and begin speaking with him like he's an old pal (he is sort of, but neither the protagonist nor Goofy know that at this point.) A little cautiousness should be on the cards for the valley inhabitants in the future.

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