How TFT Set 7 Draconic Augments work: Full list and updates - Dot Esports

2022-05-29 10:55:32 By : Ms. Emily Huang

Over 100 new and returning Augments shape the Dragonlands meta in Set 7.

Augments are returning to Teamfight Tactics with improved balance and strategic gameplay options within Set Seven Dragonlands.

The return of Augments to TFT Set Seven highlights what these effects bring to design and gameplay. No longer known as Hextech, the Set Seven effects are now called Draconic Augments. And with the new name come a few changes worth noting.

Draconic Augments will appear at Stages 2-1, 3-2, and 4-2. Players have the option in TFT Set Seven to reroll Augment options for one gold, but only once per game. The Dragonslands set contains more Gold Augments, fewer multi-tier Augments, Augments that offer high risk/reward, and trait Augments that promote synergistic gameplay styles while also increasing flexibility. 

Similar to Augments from Gizmos and Gadgets, there are a total of three tiers within the TFT Set Seven Dragonlands set: Silver, Gold, and Prismatic. Crown and Soul Augments (Prismatic tier) have been reworked while Heart and Crest Augments now apply toward TFT Set Seven traits. Players will also no longer get shown three trait-related Augments within the same Armory.

Over 100 new Draconic Augments are in TFT Set Seven, but there are also Set Six Hextech Augments that are contained within the Dragonlands set as well. Some have been reworked and a total of 16 have been completely removed, not including trait-specific Hextech Augments.

Here are the removed Hextech Augments:

A total of 19 Hextech Augments were either rebalanced, moved tiers, or reworked via their transition into TFT Set Seven Draconic Augments. Adjustments included a rework to The Golden Egg, balance changes to Rich Get Richer, First Aid Kit has multiple tiers, and tier shifts for Augments like Binary Airdrop.

All adjusted and original Hextech Augments, along with every new Draconic Augment are listed out below according to tiers (with trait-specific Heart, Crest, Crown, and Soul separated out).

There are only four new Draconic Augments that have multiple tiers. Each of the multiple-tier Set Six Hextech Augments appears in the Silver, Gold, and Prismatic tier unless otherwise specified.

The Silver tier has a total of six new Draconic Augments, not including trait-specific Heart Augments.

The Gold tier in TFT Set Seven Dragonlands has an abundance of Draconic Augments. A total of 35 are new, not including the Crest trait-specific Augments.

The Prismatic tier has seven new TFT Set Seven Draconic Augments, not counting Crown and Soul Augments that are support traits and synergies.

A table showcasing percentages of how often specific Augment tiers will appear has not yet been revealed by Riot at time of writing. All Draconic Augments and previous Hextech Augment stats and effects will get updated with each TFT Set Seven Dragonlands patch.

Update May 23 3pm CT: All Draconic and former Hextech Augments were updated following new information provided by TFT game design director Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer.

Updated May 27 12:20pm CT: All TFT Set Seven Dragonlands PBE balance changes were applied.