Why Invade and Persuade Tank is the best RC vehicle in GTA Online

2022-11-28 07:25:16 By : Mr. Alex Wu

If you want an excellent remote-controlled vehicle in GTA Online, then the Invade and Persuade Tank is your best option. It's basically a miniature Rhino with all of its positive attributes. Here is what the vehicle offers:

The Invade and Persuade Tank's disadvantages include the following: Pretend Play Preschool

Why Invade and Persuade Tank is the best RC vehicle in GTA Online

Ultimately, it's a solid vehicle in GTA Online that's both fun and useful, making it a great option to purchase, especially when it's available at a discount.

Here is a list of this mini tank's competitors:

All the vehicles apart from the RC Bandito have a very important feature worth pointing out. These cars can use something called Imani Tech, which can be either a Remote Control Unit or a Missile Lock-On Jammer.

Keep in mind that these vehicles can't have both simultaneously. The Remote Control Unit can be helpful. However, the Missile Lock-On Jammer is more valuable overall when it comes to deterring other players from inflicting damage with regard to the numerous homing missiles in GTA Online.

Moreover, the tank has better weaponry. Thus, the others can't always compete with the Invade and Persuade Tank when it comes to viability. The only other competitor is the RC Bandito, which is more than twice as fast as this tank but offers less in the way of armor and offensive potential.

The RC Bandito is required for unique races, giving it an edge in terms of moneymaking. That said, it makes you own an Arena Workshop to modify it, which is a drawback because that property is arguably one of the worst ones to have in the game. By comparison, this little tank can be modified at any Los Santos Customs, giving it an edge in terms of overall usability.

Here is a list of weapons that can be attached to this RC vehicle in GTA Online:

You can only have one at a time, but they're all interesting choices. Flamethrowers are seldom seen in the game, and this weapon can able to blow up vehicles quickly.

The Rocket Launcher is noticeably weaker than a regular homing missile but makes up for it by offering infinite ammo. This is why the Plasma Cannon is the best all-around option for both PvP and PvE.

The Invade and Persuade Tank is by no means a meta staple that every player should purchase. That said, it's a solid machine that stands as arguably the best pure RC vehicle in the game. It's strong, durable, and deceptively maneuverable for its low speed.

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Why Invade and Persuade Tank is the best RC vehicle in GTA Online

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