PhotoScribe Attains Patent for Secured Diamond and Gemstone Identification

2022-11-28 00:57:35 By : Mr. Judy Ding

A new patent from PhotoScribe Technologies combats forgeries and guarantees the authenticity of diamonds and gemstones.

(PRESS RELEASE) NEW YORK — The world’s leading innovator in diamond inscription, PhotoScribe Technologies, has secured a patent to ensure the proper identification of a diamond, combating forgery in the gem and jewelry industry with a security mark. Its signature laser, the LMS 650, can be upgraded to bring the technology in-house, offering laboratories and companies in the trade the ability to guarantee the identification of a diamond or gemstone throughout its journey. By combining overt and covert technology, the new PhotoScribe Technologies patent offers the industry and customers the assurance that a diamond, or gemstone, will always be the original stone and match its certificate. 3d Crystal Glass Laser Engraving

To date, the industry has battled both forgeries of certificates and forgery of the inscription of diamonds. For most, it is not easy to detect when something has been manipulated; therefore, secure diamond identification is essential. Good security is a multi-layered approach. Using overt and covert identifiers, PhotoScribe Technologies has developed a tamper-proof mechanism to guarantee an inscription cannot be forged.

The Unique Secured Product ID (USPID) patent uses a secure mark to validate if a diamond matches what it is said to be. A self-identifying security mark can certify itself without a connection to a central database. Overt identifiers are what one sees— for example, a serial number or barcode marked on the diamond. The overt identifier is cross-examined with the covert data— what one doesn’t see, or realize, is part of the code. For example, a barcode can give the coordinates of an inclusion unique to a diamond, or it may decipher if an inscription is a correct distance from a specific facet junction or position on the girdle. Because no two diamonds are ever alike, even when inclusion-free, the coordinates of the events in the diamond and code ensure authenticity. Using both covert and overt information, a diamond can be verified, or a forgery can easily be identified. The USPID patent can help prevent others from forging inscriptions because when the inscription doesn’t match the covert information, it will be flagged. The technology uses a machine vision algorithm for either remote or local verification.

“My goal is to promote trust in our industry by eliminating forgeries and giving consumers peace of mind,” says David Benderly, CEO PhotoScribe Technologies. “A secure product identification helps consumers and businesses make informed purchasing decisions because they can trust that the products they buy are genuine.”

For laboratories and companies seeking to automate the security marking of diamonds and gemstones, PhotoScribe Technologies can set up machine vision automation. It can be integrated into the PhotoScribe LMS-650 diamond marking system. When a gemstone or a diamond with a secure mark is put under a microscope, it will be authenticated as real or fake. When coupled with a blockchain-based diamond journey, the secure mark guarantees the authenticity of the stone, its origin, and any other data ascribed to it. An artificial intelligence (AI) deep learning-based system, the USPID secure mark automates identification to preserve consumer confidence.

An additional layer of security could be achieved with PermaScribeTM, PhotoScribe’s subsurface diamond marking technology. Such an inscription is considered permanent and cannot be removed without damaging the stone. PhotoScribe Technologies has been the leader in subsurface laser marking for over ten years.

For secure identification that is not generated by a PhotoScribe laser, PhotoScribe Technologies will provide software-only solutions by tapping into their algorithm and database. PhotoScribe Technologies continues to protect the industry’s integrity through cutting-edge technology and research.

For more information about PhotoScribe Technologies, or to set up a consultation to secure laser inscriptions, visit here, call 212-819-1177 or email [email protected] .

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